The Louisiana Tekakwitha Conference office is now open!


The Bureau of Catholic Indian Missions is part of a larger office called The Black and Indian Mission Office concerned with both Indigenous and African American peoples.

The Black and Indian Mission Office

The Dominicans in Native American Ministry website contains information on the Dominicans and their efforts to support Native ministry.

Dominicans in Native American Ministry

This web page contains information on the Dominican champion of Native Rights in the Americas.

Bartolome de las Casas

This holy site located in Auriesville, New York, commemorates the birthplace of Kateri Tekakwitha. The giftshop also carries items commemorating Kateri. For more information please contact the Shrine staff directly. You can contact the gift shop at

Shrine of Our Lady of Martyrs - Holy Site

This holy site, located a short distance from the Shrine of Our Lady of Martyrs across the Mohawk River in Fonda, New York, is where Kateri was born in 1666, was baptized and lived ultill 1677 she fled north to Kahnawake, Canada.

National Shrine of Kateri Tekakwitha - Holy Site

This historic site commemorates the Jesuit mission to the Onondaga that lasted from 1656 to 1658. This living history museum contains a reconstruction of the mission and a small museum. It is located in Syracuse, New York, a few hours west of Auriesville.

Sainte Marie Among the Iroquois - Holy Site

Joe Kenney, the artist who created this sculpture, will donate part of the proceeds from the sculpture to the Tekakwitha Conference. Please view this web page for pictures of the statue as well as for ordering information.

Bronze Statue of Kateri

The Bishops' Ad Hoc Committee on Native American Catholics has published a profile of Native American Catholics in the United States. This document, Native American Catholics at the Millennium, is available on the web in pdf format on the US Catholic Conference of Bishops' web site for Native American Catholics.
1992: A Time for Remembering, Reconciling, and Recommitting Ourselves as a People: Statement of the US Catholic Conference of Bishops s on Native Americans issued November 1991. This and other documents are located on the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops web page. Thanks to the Conference for providing the document.

Tekakwitha Conference Membership Form (.PDF Format) Liturgical Inculturation at the Tekakwitha Conference This site features a history of liturgical inculturation at former Tekakwitha Conferences as well as guidelines for inculturation at the Tekakwitha conference. There is also an extensive photograph collection from former conferences as well as a section on inculturated liturgical art.

The Tekakwitha Conference and Bishops' Ad Hoc Committee on Native American Catholics also offers three training programs in Native American ministry. New Directions in Native American Ministry is a short series of seminars designed for groups, Basic Directions in Native American Ministry is a 7 day training program for Native and non-Native peoples who are new to Native American ministry. The first program will come to your area while Basic Directions is held at the Sioux Spiritual Center in Plainview, South Dakota.

The Tekakwitha Conference archives are managed by Marquette University, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Marquette also hosts a special exhibit entitled Kateri, Our Sister, which presents Native Catholic devotions to Kateri through quotations and photographs from several collections at Marquette.