The Louisiana Tekakwitha Conference office is now open!


Membership in the Conference is open to all clergy, men and women religious, all Indigenous People, to all women and men ministering with Indigenous people, and other interested people. Membership is open to all denominations.
The Board of Directors has recommended that each person associated Conference be invited to become a member of the Tekakwitha Conference. This is necessary to establish a definite membership, which entitles one to the benefits listed below:

Membership Forms:
We offer our membership form in PDF (adobe acrobat) format. Please click on the link to open the form, print it, fill it out and mail it back with your membership dues.

Group Membership Form in PDF Format
Individual Membership Form in PDF Format

Membership fees as follows:

U.S.A. Ages 55 and older $20.00
U.S.A. Ages 18-54 $25.00
U.S.A. All Organizations and Dioceses $50.00
*Outside U.S.A Ages 18 and Over $25.00
*Outside U.S.A. All Organizations and Dioceses $50.00
*U S Funds Only

Please make U.S. Check or U.S. Money Order payable to:
Tekakwitha Conference National Center
2225 North Bolton Avenue
Alexandria Louisiana 71301